Norma Jeane baby - Rare photo or fake ?

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Norma Jeane baby - Rare photo or fake ?

Message  Miss Yria le Sam 19 Avr - 10:10

ginie a écrit:

Circa 1930
A darling black and white snapshot of a young Norma Jeane who appears to be three or four years-old. Taken by Julian Arnold Smith who was an extra in Hollywood films and who knew one of Marilyn's early guardians, this photograph comes with a letter of authenticity from Smith's grandson who explains in part (this) was shot by my grandfather Julian Arnold Smith after she (Norma Jeane) ran through the sprinkler system at his house when she came over to play with my father Julian Jack Smith...After Norma Jean moved, my father only saw her one other time and that's when he was on the police force and became friends with Norma Jean's first husband who was also a police officer...My grandfather did see Marilyn Monroe at various times at the studio lot...Marilyn made sure he got as much exposure (as an extra in "River of No Return") as possible...My grandfather was placed just to the right of Marilyn's right shoulder and he was given a full face shot as the one in the middle of three cowboys (who) sat at the bar. Most likely never published, this rare photograph also comes with two snapshots taken from a video of "River of No Return" showing Smith behind Marilyn as well as two photocopied images of both father and son who knew Marilyn as a baby and as a movie star.

Ginie had received this picture by mailing list.

She don't thinks it's Norma Jeane, I don't think to, and you ?

Miss Yria

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